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The First Pudding Nazi Reich's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The First Pudding Nazi Reich

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Hurricane Wilma brings forth pudding! [31 Oct 2005|11:12am]

[ mood | okay ]

so yea, when the hurricane hit here in florida, we got some free food...most of it being warm generic pudding.. it made my electricity-free week!

just thought i'd share.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. [20 Oct 2005|01:21am]

[ mood | full ]

A nice warm hello to all my pudding friends.

Did you know:

That the first time you taste Oreo flavored Jell-O brand pudding in over a year, it's so good it almost tastes...alcoholic? It's true.

By the way, if anyone has any recipes for brandy pudding floating around out there, throw 'em this way!

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I bet you all forgot about this. [11 Aug 2005|10:09pm]

This is your new reason for living. Get them. Now. Bill Cosby demands it.

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Special edition pudding scavenger hunt '04 [18 May 2004|03:51pm]

Last year we saw Jell-o brand pudding support the release of that Hulk movie with an unbelievably delicious green and black pudding.

There better be some weird promotions this year too. Spill the beans on any special edition sightings here!

S'all for now!
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Mmmmm. [29 Apr 2004|01:42pm]

A nice warm hello to all my pudding friends.

Now I know it's been awhile, but don't worry, we've not forgot about pudding. And now that it's started to get warm out and pudding is back in season, we'll all be talking about it a whole lot, I'm sure.

And don't forget, coming up July 6th is the Second Annual National Pudding Day!
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a statement and a question and probable club expulsion: [23 Dec 2003|01:40am]

I like pudding.
But.. Now don't get me wrong:
I like pudding. I enjoy it in the evening time.

I hate pudding when it is warm.
I either freeze it straight up as soon as I get it home- the whole batch,
Or I put them all in the fridge and wait until the stuff is nice and cool.
Though frozen is best.
Who here actually likes this stuff when it's room temperature?- and to take it up a notch: Who here likes this stuff when it is HEATED? (sounds really appealing actually)

Oh, and regarding the cooled pudding: I'm not talking about that lame made for freezer bullshit. Fuck that bullshit. Off the shelf, throw em in.
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Humor me [23 Dec 2003|02:32am]

Now usually when I go to work in the morning I head over to the grocery store before I actually have to open the store. Many a time while I'm over in the dairy section picking up some milk for my breakfast (which is whatever I feel like eating while I'm walking to get milk) I notice the section devoted to Jello Pudding. Often times I wonder... is it too early to eat a whole snack pack for breakfast? I used to grab Mcgriddles from Mcdonalds on W150th but after a long conversation with a good friend, she convinced me to never eat there again. So being that I work in Kamm's Plaza where there so conveniently is a Tops friendly supermarket(apologies for the local geography of Cleveland for anyone part of the group that isn't from around here) I pick up milk and then either some donuts or other type of pastries like Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. So at what time do you guys think is actually a good Time for Pudding?

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[03 Nov 2003|01:47am]

"Swiss Miss is the Tito Jackson of the pudding world."

- closure
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Pudding tip no.2 [05 Aug 2003|03:04am]

Here's another tip for all of you pudding enthusiasts out there who wish to maximize your pudding enjoyment!

This will only work if you are the parent/guardian of a young child, ages 1-2. (sometimes it even works if you're not the parent/guardian of that child, but make sure you know how to evade multiple legal difficulties!)

In the first two or three years of a young child's development, feed that child Jell-o brand pudding for every single meal, replacing any sort of healthy selections recommended by nurturing magazines, child psychologists, etc.

What fun, eh? Of course, I personally have never waited around long enough to see the long term effects of such treatment of a child. But I imagine the worst that will happen is the child's skin turning a nice shade of pudding brown.

Have fun!
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Holy fucking shit, Batman. [04 Jul 2003|08:30pm]

There's Cotton Candy and Bubblegum flavoured pudding from JELL-O available at your local pudding distributor.

Buy it.


Fucking, now!
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July 6th, 2003. [04 Jul 2003|02:28am]

July 6th, 2003 is the first ever, national pudding day.

Eat pudding.
Hang a picture of Bill in your locker at work.
Force feed a young child pudding till he pukes.
Force feed your cat pudding till it pukes.

Do whatever you want... but do it with pudding.
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I don't know if this is alright.... [13 Jun 2003|11:46am]

So last night I had a craving for some pudding. I hop into my car and head to the local grocery store and pick up a snack pack of vanilla and chocolate swirl. I get home and pull out a cup and notice that I accidentally picked up fat free pudding.

*smacks forehead*

So I found out that fat free pudding breaks one of the rules that are explained in this very community. There is not a half spoon of pudding on the foil lid. As a matter of fact, there is almost none! Of course I still licked it and ate the pudding, but it's still something to think about.

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Special edition pudding ideas, Summer '03 [07 Jun 2003|04:56am]

Ok, we all know they've got Incredible Hulk pudding out in the stores. But what next? 2Fast 2Furious pudding that does little wheelies with a remote control? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen pudding with Sean Connery's young-again face makeup that makes him look like he hasn't physically aged since '87 as a special ingredient?

Post your ideas here!
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Pudding tip No.1 [02 Jun 2003|03:23am]

Throughout our happy pudding-consuming lives, I will be posting a series of tips on how to maximize your pudding enjoyment. I hope you find these posts worthwile and are able to encorporate them into your gelatin agenda.

Tip No.1
If you are to fully enjoy your pudding experience, you must realize that ultimate pudding enjoyment can come from pairing pudding with other such tasty treats. For example, marshmallow fl00f s’mores (aka ghetto s’mores) and a 40 of cream sody or w00t beer.
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Hello. [02 Jun 2003|02:30am]

Welcome to the community for the modern pudding enthusiast.

1. Value pudding above all human life.

2. There are two things the modern pudding enthusiast needs: 1) an official pudding spoon. 2) pudding.

3. If pudding ain’t being eaten, eat it. If it was somebody else’s, and they didn’t eat it, they shoulda thoughta that before you ate it.

4. If there’s a gimmick pudding out there supporting the release of a theatrical feature or some such shit, buy it. Green pudding don’t stay on the shelves forever.

5. Talk about pudding with your friends. Share the enthusiasm, but don’t share the pudding itself. Get yer own and lemmee lone.

6. When consuming pudding yourself, be sure to lick the foil top first. That’s like half a spoonful of pudding goin’ to waste if you don’t.

7. If you happen to be eating layered multi-flavoured pudding, start eating the first layer first, don’t just be mixing it up like a retard. If it was meant to be mixed up, they woulda mixed it up for you. Those guys at Jell-O know what the hell they’re doin’.

8. Empty Jell-O containers should be stacked for convenience and easy disposal.

9. If a friend is eating pudding around you, show some fuckin’ respect. Don’t bug ‘im or anything, the man is obviously trying to enjoy his pudding.

10. Bill Cosby is God. This man’s been endorsing the earth’s finest pudding for 29 fuckin’ years, longer than mosta you goons’ve been around.

11. Don’t even attempt to make your own pudding. It’ll taste like shit no matter what you do. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway?

12. There’s no fuckin reason to plow through your pudding like some angry neurotic catholic in a field of corn lookin’ for the children of the damned or some shit. Take your damn time, enjoy it.

13. If there is a pudding stain on your shirt or any other article of clothing it must remain there. Under no circumstances will you remove the stain unless you are doing laundry.

14. When spreading the word of pudding via written or internet, please do yourself and pudding enthusiasts everywhere a favour, and goddamn spell if fuckin’ right. It’s pudding. Not puddin, p00din, |D |_| |) |) 1 |\| G, or what the fuck ever. Don’t be a smacktard.
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